The Ellicksons

The Ellickson Agency, Inc. has been selling insurance in Waushara County since the late 1888’s, when Christ Ellickson worked with Mt. Morris Mutal Insurance Company. We are now in our 5th generation of family business ownership, with Crist Ellickson who joined the business in 2009, with his father, Rory Ellickson, who started in 1972 with his father, Duane Ellickson. Duane started in the early 1950’s with his father, Jay Ellickson.

The real estate business started to take off in the 1960’s and the Ellickson Agency was a major force in bringing people to Waushara County by developing land, listing properties and selling lake homes. People who enjoyed the many lakes, streams and woodlands and decided to make Waushara County their home. We know the territory and we are always happy to speak with current or potenial residents and find out about how they like to enjoy and relax in beautiful Waushara County.

Jay Ellickson in 1955 out side the First Ellickson Agency office at 310 W. Main Wautoma. (where the BMO bank is now)